Imagine paddling frantically along the crest of a wave, the ocean’s spray in your face. The wave breaks underneath you, and you ride it all the way to the shore as Florida’s bright sun shines down. If this sounds appealing, you’ll definitely want to try one of our paddle board rentals. Contact Beach Road Watersports at (941) 475-9099 today for more details, or to make a reservation for one of our SUP tours.

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Stand Up Paddle Board Rentals

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An SUP rental is a unique, fun way to get out on the water – don’t leave Florida without trying one! Beach Road Watersports has several different brands and models of paddle boards available for rent. Please contact us for additional information.
Lifejackets and paddles included with each rental.

3 Hours Extra Hour 24 Hours 1 Week Extra Day
$50 $5 $90 $250 $30

SUPs occupy the happy medium between surfboards and kayaks. The user stands atop a 10-12 foot board and rides the waves like a surfer. The difference is you maneuver the board by using a paddle. If you’re not one to brave the waves, no worries. SUPs are just as much fun paddling in calm waters as they are in rough. Whether you want to surf the waves, get a good workout, or just enjoy the scenery, you’re sure to have fun with an SUP rental. We have a few suggestions to help you make the most of your stand up paddleboard:

  • Ride the waves: Paddle boards make it easy to experience the exhilaration of surfing. Since they are easier to handle than surfboards, you’ll be riding the swells in no time! Catch the waves at Sarasota and Englewood for a rush of adrenaline unlike anything you’ve felt before.
  • A refreshing workout: Since SUPs combine balancing skills with upper-arm strength, they make the perfect tools for a cardio workout. Paddling an SUP exercises every part of the body—the core, back, arms, and legs—without being harsh on muscles and bones.
  • A day in the sun with the kids: Paddle boarding is simple enough that even children can learn it. Contact Beach Road Watersports and rent a few SUPs for hours of family fun. The excursion just might be the highlight of your trip.
  • Enjoy beautiful scenery: